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My travel carbon footprint – planes, trains, (electric) automobiles and of course bicycles

In my world the CO2 emissions of our homes is an every present and critical issue, with 28% of the UK emissions being created by them. If you want to know more about CO2 emissions then find out more here with the Energy Saving Trust. Having spent time energy (and money!) reducing the CO2 footprint […]

Light Reflective Paint – Better, Brighter, -But How?

I recently attended a conference with Akzo Nobel, the company that owns and manufactures Dulux paints. I learnt about their extensive sustainability strategy, known as Planet Possible, and it got me thinking about the way in which I use paints and how it affects not just the look and feel of a space but also […]

It’s Big Energy Saving Week – so take action now

Whilst this winter has been pretty stormy it has been a mild one so far — I have my suspicions that the coldest part is yet to come. So it’s the perfect time to make sure your home is warm and comfy — and to try and save money on those dreaded energy bills. Well […]

Driving down Electric Avenue – My year of electric driving

It’s coming up for a year since I started driving my extended range electric car- the sleek and futuristic Vauxhall Ampera, I’ve got to say that I don’t know if I can face going back to a conventional gas guzzler. If you haven’t had the chance to drive in an electric car – then do! […]

Sustainable design trend predictions for 2014 and beyond…….

Autumn is fading into Winter and 2014 is beckoning – so what can we expect to see in our homes as eco-design whizzes round the sun once more? Without further ado, here are my key trends in sustainable design to watch out for in 2014. Thinking Smart- Materials and Technology The very fabric of our […]

Eco homes need to get Smart – make your home Better with smart materials, products and technologies

As a designer I’m seeing a wide range of so called “Smart” products and materials that are enhancing our lives and our homes, coming onto the market – some are with us now and some are emerging technologies. Not simply the never ending stream of connected consumer electronics and IT items but also others such […]

Say goodbye fracking, hello eco home mini biodigester

The ongoing protests against oil drilling in the West Sussex village of Balcombe have called many people to assess their view on fracking and its impact on local communities – with many concerned by the environmental impact plus the concerns about water contamination and potential earthquakes. The government meanwhile  seems gripped by an “obsession” with […]

Is technology and social media impacting on our social lives at home?

It seems that our domestic social lives have been making the headlines over the last few weeks with the impact of smart phones, tablets and mobile devices at the root of these changes – both good and bad, depending on your view point. Recent research by the National Literacy Trust shows having set mealtimes with the whole […]

Eco Kitchen Interiors set to become smart intelligent spaces

With kitchens being the one space in the home that uses the most resources on a daily basis, were seeing that eco kitchens are also set to become smart kitchens – learning and adapting user behaviour – minimising resource input to maximise output -might even bring a smile to the eco side of Grodon Ramsay […]

The Fixer movement- hacking to save the planet! Eco Culture develops ….

As a younger version of myself – i spent my childhood taking things apart, modifying, fixing and “improving” them – many things it turns out weren’t actually broken – at least not before i started on them. In my twenties I travelled a lot and was always amazed by the ingenuity i saw in Asia […]